10 of the Cutest Television Couples of All Time

One of the most glorious things about starting off summer vacation is the freedom to do absolutely nothing. After spending an academic year stressing about lab reports, essays, meetings, and problem sets, it’s nice to spend some quality time on the couch. (Be sure to do some miles on the treadmill…) For many of us college students, that means a whole lot of Netflix. When else do we have the time to watch an entire series within a few weeks? We can’t be curing cancer 365 days a year now can we?

Now that I’ve officially sunk into my summer vacation, I’ve been enjoying some me time, which basically means staying up until 3am and waking up at 1pm on a daily basis. Translation: I’ve had a lot of TV time.

With that being said, I bestow upon you the list of the 20 cutest television couples in hopes of soliciting some sort of productivity before the couch permanantly consumes me.

10 of the Cutest Television Couples of All Time

  1. Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts,  The O.C.

Source: Fox

2. Marshall and Lily, How I Met Your Mother


3. Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, Glee


4. Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth, Bones


5. Leonard and Penny, The Big Bang Theory 


6. Nick and Jess, New Girl


7. Dan and Serena, Gossip Girl

The CW

8. Cory and Topanga, Boy Meets World

American Broadcasting Company

9. Ross and Rachel, Friends


10. Charming and Snow, Once Upon a Time




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