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The Best of Cory Monteith

Many hearts were crushed yesterday when news broke that Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead in a hotel in Vancouver. As a fellow gleek, I know how heartbroken I am! An exceptional talent, the 31 year old actor will certainly not be forgotten. To honor his legacy on GLEE, I’ve comprised a list of some of his best hits on the series.

The Best of Cory Monteith:

Season 1:

  1. Don’t Stop Believin’: Who could forget the song that made us fall in love with Finn Hudson?
  2. Can’t Fight this Feeling: Originally debuted in the shower, this song won Hudson a spot in the glee club.
  3. I’ll Stand by You: Probably one of Finn’s most memorable songs. Even if the baby wasn’t his!
  4. You’re Having My Baby: Remember when Quinn was pregnant? Good times. This was the precious song that both gave comfort to Quinn AND got her kicked out of her house. Nice one, Finn.
  5. Hello, I Love You: Ah Yes. The Hello assignment.
  6. No Air: (Duet with Rachel) Probably my favorite Jordin Sparks cover of all time, this song was one of the original glee ballads!

Season 2:

  1. I’ve Gotta Be Me: This song HAD to be on this list. Monteith does Sammy some jazzy justice.
  2. Losing My Religion: As doubtful as we were about glee performing an REM song, it certainly worked in the plot line and won our hearts.
  3. Just the Way You Are: Simply beautiful. Dedicated to Kurt, this is the song that made Finn Hudson a man.
  4. She’s Not There:  Who has the power to unite a football team a bunch of loser singers? Finn Hudson, that’s who! (Oh and don’t worry, I love those geeky singers. DUH.)
  5. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart: (Duet with Rachel) Dangerously amazing harmonies.
  6. Damnit, Janet: ROCKY HORROR. Need I say more?
  7. I Don’t Want to Know: (Duet with Quinn) Rumours episode. I don’t know if it was the fact that the episode revolved around one of my favorite albums or if it was the fact that I was dying for Quinn and Finn duet that made this episode so special.
  8. Pretending: (Duet with Rachel) An original song, written by Finn himself, featuring the kiss that lost the New Directions nationals, but won the hearts of Finchel fans everywhere!

Season 3:

  1. More Than a Woman: Honestly, there aren’t many disco songs that I can say I truly enjoy. But look at Monteith hit those high notes! Exceptional.
  2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: A slow and beautiful ballad song for Santana.
  3. Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another: Speaking of Santana, this duet is AWESOME. The dodgeball game is just icing.
  4. Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Who would have thought a traditional Christmas song could be turned into a rock anthem? Finn and Puck apparently.
  5. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You: (Duet with Rachel). Can we talk about how long I waited for Glee to give a tribute to Michael? SO LONG. Pure perfection.
  6. Glory Days: (Duet with Puck). The perfect anthem for graduation.

Season 4:

  1. Barely Breathing: (Duet with Blaine). FINALLY. A duet between Finn and Blaine.
  2. Juke Box Hero: (Duet with Ryder) It was only fitting for Finn to instill the confidence in Ryder, Will had instilled in him.
  3. Bye Bye Bye/ I Want it That Way: Probably the most amazing mash up of all time. As a child of the 1990s, I have no words. JUST SO GOOD. As for the feud between Will and Finn, thank goodness that didn’t last long.
  4. Fight for your Right to Party: (Duet with Puck) This song marked Monteith’s last appearance on glee. At least he ended on the same alternative rock vibe he started with.

It truly is a tragedy to see someone with so much talent be taken so young. Cory Monteith inspired millions of individuals and he was so much more than his addiction. I can’t even imagine Glee continuing without him. (Almost as much as I can’t imagine my life without Glee!!) My prayers go out to his co-stars, friends, family, and especially Lea. His legacy will continue forever. He really was the “glue of Glee.” He took that midnight train going straight to heaven. RIP.

The lights of the world are a little dimmer today.


10 of the Cutest Television Couples of All Time

One of the most glorious things about starting off summer vacation is the freedom to do absolutely nothing. After spending an academic year stressing about lab reports, essays, meetings, and problem sets, it’s nice to spend some quality time on the couch. (Be sure to do some miles on the treadmill…) For many of us college students, that means a whole lot of Netflix. When else do we have the time to watch an entire series within a few weeks? We can’t be curing cancer 365 days a year now can we?

Now that I’ve officially sunk into my summer vacation, I’ve been enjoying some me time, which basically means staying up until 3am and waking up at 1pm on a daily basis. Translation: I’ve had a lot of TV time.

With that being said, I bestow upon you the list of the 20 cutest television couples in hopes of soliciting some sort of productivity before the couch permanantly consumes me.

10 of the Cutest Television Couples of All Time

  1. Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts,  The O.C.

Source: Fox

2. Marshall and Lily, How I Met Your Mother


3. Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, Glee


4. Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth, Bones


5. Leonard and Penny, The Big Bang Theory 


6. Nick and Jess, New Girl


7. Dan and Serena, Gossip Girl

The CW

8. Cory and Topanga, Boy Meets World

American Broadcasting Company

9. Ross and Rachel, Friends


10. Charming and Snow, Once Upon a Time



The O.C. Mixes: A Review

On a whim, we decide to start a new series on Netflix. Why not? There’s not much else to do, and you don’t feel like studying.

It is pretty decent, so you watch another episode.

By the third episode, you’re hooked, and you watch the entire series within a week, but then you remember that you have school work to do.  Regardless, you’re like

After you catch up on Netflix, you go to watch the episodes on live TV, but then you realize that you have to wait a full week between each episode, and you’re like

Then, when that dreaded day of the series finale comes, you’re beyond depressed, and you just don’t know what to do with yourself.

One of the greatest series of all time

Now, to aid to that nostalgia, we have the series’ soundtrack. Of all of the TV soundtracks I’ve heard, The O.C. Mixes are easily some of the best. It’s as if the listener is in New Port, Calif. while listening to the mixes. There are six different mixes, each with 9-13 tracks. The tracks are predominantly indie rock tunes, including artist’s like The Killers, Deathcab for Cutie, and South. There are also alternative tracks, including tracks by Jimmy Eat World and Beck.

“The O.C. Mix 3 Have a Very Merry Chrismakuh” is a special Christmas album, containing famous winter tunes with a dash of Southern California style.

One of the best aspects of these mixes is the track variety. The mixes include both tracks that play during the series among others.This gives each album a full set of tunes. They are practically their own independent CDS, certainly not the usual soundtracks.

Additionally, all of the tracks on The O.C. Mixes are perfectly selected. Just by listening to the soundtrack, it is simple to differentiate which episode it was from because the tracks have been selected so carefully. Listening to these mixes places the listener in the teenage rebellious minds of Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer. While listening to Matt Pond PA’s “Champagne Supernova,” you can just feel yourself amidst Summer and Seth’s kiss, similarly with Ryan and Marrisa’s in South’s “Paint The Silence,” and again in their dance during Youth Group’s “Forever Young,” and so more.

If I had to pick a theme for these mixes, it would undoubtably be live while you’re young; life’s too short to do otherwise.

That manages to sum up the series quite nicely too!

Even if you haven’t seen “The O.C./” have no desire to watch it, I would definitely still recommend these mixes to you. I stand by what I said previously: They are much more like mixes than they are soundtracks.

These have been out for years now, but they are irrevocably timeless, a perfect summer playlist.

2003 Music From The O.C. Mix 6 Bso-Music-From-The-Oc-Mix-1-Del-2004-Delantera the_oc_mix5 Music+From+The+OC+Mix+4+B0007QMS2002LZZZZZZZ images oc2