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The O.C. Mixes: A Review

On a whim, we decide to start a new series on Netflix. Why not? There’s not much else to do, and you don’t feel like studying.

It is pretty decent, so you watch another episode.

By the third episode, you’re hooked, and you watch the entire series within a week, but then you remember that you have school work to do. ┬áRegardless, you’re like

After you catch up on Netflix, you go to watch the episodes on live TV, but then you realize that you have to wait a full week between each episode, and you’re like

Then, when that dreaded day of the series finale comes, you’re beyond depressed, and you just don’t know what to do with yourself.

One of the greatest series of all time

Now, to aid to that nostalgia, we have the series’ soundtrack. Of all of the TV soundtracks I’ve heard, The O.C. Mixes are easily some of the best. It’s as if the listener is in New Port, Calif. while listening to the mixes. There are six different mixes, each with 9-13 tracks. The tracks are predominantly indie rock tunes, including artist’s like The Killers, Deathcab for Cutie, and South. There are also alternative tracks, including tracks by Jimmy Eat World and Beck.

“The O.C. Mix 3 Have a Very Merry Chrismakuh” is a special Christmas album, containing famous winter tunes with a dash of Southern California style.

One of the best aspects of these mixes is the track variety. The mixes include both tracks that play during the series among others.This gives each album a full set of tunes. They are practically their own independent CDS, certainly not the usual soundtracks.

Additionally, all of the tracks on The O.C. Mixes are perfectly selected. Just by listening to the soundtrack, it is simple to differentiate which episode it was from because the tracks have been selected so carefully. Listening to these mixes places the listener in the teenage rebellious minds of Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer. While listening to Matt Pond PA’s “Champagne Supernova,” you can just feel yourself amidst Summer and Seth’s kiss, similarly with Ryan and Marrisa’s in South’s “Paint The Silence,” and again in their dance during Youth Group’s “Forever Young,” and so more.

If I had to pick a theme for these mixes, it would undoubtably be live while you’re young; life’s too short to do otherwise.

That manages to sum up the series quite nicely too!

Even if you haven’t seen “The O.C./” have no desire to watch it, I would definitely still recommend these mixes to you. I stand by what I said previously: They are much more like mixes than they are soundtracks.

These have been out for years now, but they are irrevocably timeless, a perfect summer playlist.

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