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Iron Man 3 Makes Millions on Opening Weekend

There’s no surprise the Iron Man series is popular. What’s not to love about a snarky egotistical millionaire, who manages to have time to both save the world and manage his company? Having opened just this Friday, Iron Man 3 has already made approximately $175.3 million for its opening weekend and about $680 million worldwide, becoming the second largest debut in Hollywood history. It’s only second to Marvel’s The Avengers (2012), which opened to $207 million.

Critics say this success is due to the fact that IM3 is thought to be a continuation to The Avengers rather than to Iron Man 2, making only $128 million in its opening weekend. Though Iron Man 2 might have been quickly forgotten, IM3 is certain to have people talking for years.

IM3, unlike the previous movies, allows the viewers to connect emotionally to Tony Stark. It’s one of the few times we’ve seen him vulnerable, and it makes him much more relatable. Suffering from severe anxiety attacks, Stark is as fragile as ever after the incident in New York that concluded The Avengers. We even get to see him work with a child! Who would have ever thought, Tony Stark, needing help from a little boy?

Harley Keener, portrayed by 11 year old actor, Ty Simpkins describes what it was like working with “Uncle Bob” here.

Stark meets Keener in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee with nothing but a dead suit and crippling anxiety. While he charges his suit, we get to see the intellect we haven’t seen since the first movie.

In the first movie, Stark begins in a cave without access to technology, but manages to build his first suit. IM3 reminds us of the genius that got him where he is today.

In addition to seeing the man behind the armor, we get an opportunity to see Pepper in action. We’ve seen her as the responsible business woman, the dedicated partner, but now, we get to see Pepper as the hero in the suit.

Another unique element that IM3  has over its previous counterparts is its comedy. Besides Downey’s irrefutable and sarcastic wit, the Iron Man series hasn’t exactly been known for it’s comical plot. The Mandarin, the villain of the movie, is actually a decoy. The Mandarin, or shall we call him by his actual name, Trevor, is just the pretty (or not so pretty) face for the camera. The real villain, portrayed by Guy Pearce, is Alderich Killian, a man Stark had once rejected on a drunk night in Switzerland. Classic Stark. We even get to see him wear this. 

Perhaps the greatest part of IM3- seeing all of the suits in action. That’s right, we get to see tons of suits, fighting on their own. We had known all along that Stark had to be doing something all of those sleepness nights, but it was quite a site to behold (even on film). Colonel Rhodes returns as the Iron Patriot, portrayed by Don Cheadle, giving us an almost complete collection of the suits.

Of all of the themes to take home with you after watching IM3, the ones that are the most evident are so traditional, you can’t help but laugh.

1. Don’t be a “Grade A” Douchebag- If Stark hadn’t stood up Killian on the roof in Switerland, he wouldn’t have even been in this mess. Similar, if Mr. Incredible hadn’t ignored Buddy every time he had offered his help, he wouldn’t have made himself an arch nemesis. Watch and learn, friends. Just watch and learn.

2. Don’t announce your address on live camera- You asked for it, Stark. Though we did get to see Pepper kick butt in the suit.

3. Look both ways before crossing the street- I’m going to let you figure that one out on your own.

4. Don’t hire an actor to pretend to be a villain, and don’t leave him alone in a house- When picking a villain to be the face of your crimes, his name probably shouldn’t be Trevor, and he probably shouldn’t be named after a type of orange.

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